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My Porn Boutique  


Personalized MissLawanda swag items, toys, clothes and my number 1 best seller- Replica of my Pussy! Try it on for size! Guaranteed to be a tight fit! Fuck me while you watch me in any of my hot movies!


MissLawanda’s Companion Handicap Care Tour Guide Service

Now you can travel with confidence and comfort.

No need to be afraid to travel because you can’t take care of yourself or get around by yourself.

Come visit the Marvels of Thailand and I will make your very memorable.

Let me take care of all your needs, pamper you and take you around to see the sights.

24 hours 100% devoted care. Airport pick up and drop off.

Email for details


I also do 24+ Hour Tour Guide Service for Anyone Coming to Thailand

There are 52 Tourist Attractions in Bangkok and 34 in Pattaya. Let's Discuss what your interests are and let me be your Tour Guide. I speak very good English and of course Thai.

Dont be taken advantage of by merchants/taxis, I will get you the best prices.

Airport pick up and drop off.



Fuck a Porn Star

Ever fantasize about fucking a porn star and being in a movie?

Well, make your fantasy cum true with me!

I handle all the filming and editing. I have all the cameras (3), lights and cameraman/director to shoot movies in my green screen studio in 4K resolution.

Movie Shoot Requirements:

A movie takes about 2 hours to shoot, I own the rights, you get a copy, your face is edited out, (unless you want to be seen)

I need to see full body, face and hard cock pics before I agree to shoot with you (I have to like you)

I do most fetish, role play, cos play, one on one, 3 ways (with my own male model) I can do anal if your cock is not too big. I will decide and let you know. 

I need 2 clear picture copies of your passport one pic of passport held it up to your face and one pic of the passport alone. This is the law to be able to publish the movie to make sure you are more than 18 yrs. old. Nobody but the site management of the sites ever sees the passport. (This is guaranteed by the privacy act)

An STD test is required if you want your cock sucked with no condom. 

All penetration requires condom. You can cum anywhere on my body. 

Rate is $500 USD per film. Make an appointment today! and be a Porn Star!



Men's Health  



Complete line of Men’s Health Products from Singapore not India



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